Divcoin Token

Everything We Do Has One Goal In Mind: To Make Popular cryptocurrencies easier to use so that both people and businesses will adopt them in mass.

All Stack Holders Will Receive Quarterly Dividends This Is Our Way Of Thanking You For Holding Are Token. We Are Creating Vender Sites To Provide A Solid Way Of Funding Are Dividend. You Know Are Plans To Release Our First Vendor Site That Offers A Stable Funding Source For Are Dividends – Macntire.com That Offers Digital- Downloadable – Virtual & Physical Items. I Hope Its Adoption Is Accepted To All Who Sell On A Daily Basis. We Also Have A Plan To Create A Vendor Store That Accepts The Divcoin. We Want To Provide The Best Dividends To Are Stack Holders. And We Will Be Creating A Faucet In The Future. Once The Macntire Site Is Complete We Will List It And Start A Promotion Campain.


Quarterly Dividend Paid Out Every 3 Months.
Funds For Dividends Come From The 10% Fees From This Marketplace. 5% Will Be Paid Out In Dividends For The Best Yield Farming.
Our Fees Are Cheaper Than eBay And Amazon As They Charge 15% Fees Great Opportunity To Earn More From Your Sales,

Thank You. DIV